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Los Angeles, the cultural heart of the US and, increasingly, the world. The city has plenty of other things going on, but every cabbie has their movie script, every waitress her long list of failed auditions. Dreams slouch their way here to be born, and to die.

Naturally enough, it also becomes a haven for nightmares. Nothing in Hollywood moves as cheaply or efficiently as cheap B Horror films, after all.

Here, the Beasts live, but the Changelings rule. And the memories of old films, and older stories, haunt them all.

The BeastsEdit

Dr. Jack Darcy: Pandorym

Harvey Marshall: The Wyzard

Sara Tath: Donan

Timoteo "Tiny Tim" Nosek: Cod of Justice

John Roundtree; Funkadelic

Michelle: Scutarii

Latest activityEdit

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