Dress sense: Modern grunge. Cheap, second hand hoodies and jeans, no piercings or tattoos as that costs money and takes some effort. Entire vibe is of getting by with what comes to hand and not caring about appearance. This, however, is partially (only partially, she also doesn't actually care) cultivated to give an air of vulnerability. That no one is looking out for her and no one is there to help her.
Build: malnourished in childhood leading to a waifish figure
Str: 2
Dex: 3
Sta: 1
Education: school of hard knocks, limited schooling and paid little attention while there anyway, had to learn to be quick and one step ahead to make up for small physical stature
Int: 1
Wit: 4
Res: 2
Style: attractive with a good eye for people who would fall for a pair of fluttering lashes and a well placed word, no qualms whatsoever about lying, tricking or deceiving someone for her own benefit. Not, however, frivolous about it, if she's manipulating someone she's doing it for a reason.
Pre: 3
Man: 3
Com: 2
Occult 1, Crafts 2 (jury rigging), Politics 1, Medicine 1
Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Larceny 3, Stealth 3, Survival 3 (urban)
Empathy 1, Expression 2 (acoustic guitar), Persuasion 1, Socialise 1, Subterfuge 2
Family: Makara
Hunger: Power
Legend: Entrapment
Life: Orphan
Horror: Unimaginably vast undersea leviathan and never entirely in sight, a forest of tentacles and limbs surrounding an all consuming mouth with a few brightly pulsating phosphorescent lures
Nightmares: Behold My true Form!, You Cannot Run
Atavisms: Siren's Treacherous Song, Cyclopean Strength
Lair: The vast dark depths of the deepest trenches in the ocean, as you get closer to the heart you descend past cracks in the world's surface, deep rocky canyons until at the very heart the seething unknowable mass of tentacles and consuming mouths awaits you, opening wider and sucking you inexorably inwards until you finally reach the heart, the stomach of the Horror where you meet your ultimate end.
Lair Traits: Poor Light, Suffocating, Crushing
Merits: Lair 2 (5 dots), Interdisciplinary Specialty: Survival Urban (1 dot), Sleight of Hand (2 dots), Striking Looks (1 dot), Contacts: Homeless/Abuse Shelters (1 dot)

Derived Attributes

Lair 2

Willpower 4

Health 6

Satiety 5

Speed 10

Size 5

Beats 0

XP 0


Heart: a partially collapsed industrial estate building, rusted through corrugated walls, floor collapsed into the basement storage area and flooded with rainwater