Anakim Predator 

Legend: Relentless 

Life: Loyal 

Horror: The Unchained Wolf - A massive black wolf, with jaws so vast it seems it could swallow the sun in a bite or drink an ocean in a few gulps. A collar from which the shattered remains of chains dangle is about it's neck. 

Power: 4

Finesse: 3

Resistance: 5

Size: 6

Hunger: People who use their status to shield themselves from the consequences of their choices/actions. (Deadbeat dads, those who try to run out on debts, politicians who break promises etc.)  

Family: Vanda, Wolf-Blooded Daughter (Close, early teens). Lorena, mother (Semi-estranged). Augusto Savona, maternal grandfather (Close, LA Crime family contact, very old)


  1. Ensure Vanda grows up well and happy.
  2. Build closer ties with Broodmates
  3. Make Skinny Lenny pay what he owes.

Mental Int: 2 Wits: 2 Res: 2

Occ: 2 Pol: 3 (Scandal)

Physical Str: 3 Dex: 1 Sta: 4

Ath: 3 Brawl: 4

Social Pre: 2 Man: 3 Com: 2

Exp: 2 Inti: 4 (Veiled Threats) Stre: 3 (Black Market) Sub: 2


Contacts: 3 (Hollywood, local politicians, organised crime)

Fame: 1

Striking Looks: 2 (Threatening)

Resources: 3

Giant: 3

(2xp extra on merits from having one chamber)


Looming Presence

Limb from Limb


Run Away

You Must Obey


Lair 1

Only one chamber, a city twisted into a pitch-black forest, each tree a warped building, each path a shattered road. Traits: Jagged, Darkness

Health: 11

Willpower: 4

Satiety: 6

Saiety Condition: Sated

Beats: 0

Experiences: 0